offer to give

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In a brief statement at the start of yesterday's hearing, the inquiry chairman Sir John Chilcot confirmed Mr Brown had taken up an offer to give evidence within the next two months.
Offer to give him a private lesson so you two can get your groove on at the next soiree.
Santa Clarita officials are considering an offer to give Sunshine Canyon administrator Browning Ferris Industries an exclusive, 20-year contract to manage the city's trash.
April 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Taking President Bush up on his offer to give states the ability to control Medicaid costs, Gov.
One nice feature of the website for customers is the company's offer to give away a free lip balm to anyone who successfully refers a new account (store or website).
said she has many questions about Browning- Ferris Industries' offer to give Elsmere Canyon to the city in exchange for a 20-year, exclusive trash-hauling contract.
The company expects one of the most attractive aspects of the Wal-Mart salons will be Celsius Tannery's offer to give three free tans to all customers.
The 16-year-old senior from Thousand Oaks High School is going through the same torment - hoping every day that someone with genetically compatible marrow will be found and will offer to give some to her.
From Australia to Arkansas to Alaska, millions of people are talking about Taco Bell and its unprecedented offer to give everyone in America a free taco if the core of the Mir spacecraft lands on the company's floating target.
We have structured our offer to give your shareholders a substantial premium for their shares now while, at the same time, allowing them to participate in the significant long-term value created by the combination of our companies.