offer to the public

See: issue, post, publish
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But because the reader may be curious to have some idea of the style and manner of expression peculiar to that people, as well as to know the article upon which I recovered my liberty, I have made a translation of the whole instrument, word for word, as near as I was able, which I here offer to the public.
Southwest Water Company (Nasdaq:SWWC) today announced that it intends to offer to the public 1,400,000 of its common shares, plus up to an additional 210,000 shares to cover over-allotments, if any, under its shelf registration statement previously declared effective by the Securities and Exchange Commission.
IBC also announced an agreement to file with the Securities and Exchange Commission, as soon as possible, a registration statement through which Nestle intends to offer to the public through a public offering its remaining shares.
Metropolitan plans to offer to the public in a direct community offering any shares that are not subscribed for in the rights offering.
NYSE: MOT) announced today that it plans to offer to the public $1.
Through two, separate initial public offerings, CHC is planning to offer to the public early next year approximately 20 percent ownership in each of its Princeton Softech and Network Services units.
The prospectus would qualify the conversion of Loon's outstanding special warrants and offer to the public units comprised of common shares and common share purchase warrants.
Of the shares proposed to be registered, the company currently intends to offer to the public 2,000,000 shares, and certain existing stockholders currently intend to offer to the public 1,500,000 shares.