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Except when a waiver is requested or in the case of task and delivery order contracts, the contracting officer must award the contract to the apparent successful offerer only if all conflicts are resolved.
The REMIC gives the REIT offerer the opportunity to leverage REIT assets by issuing debt to raise capital for the properties in the REIT," Lyden said.
Deutsche Immobilien Fonds AG (DIFA), Hamburg, Germany, is the real estate company of Union Investment Group and with an 18 percent market share, is the second largest offerer of open-ended real estate funds in Germany.
Flyers Energy is the largest member of the Commercial Fueling Network and also offerer fueling at 230,000 locations nationwide with the Flyers Fleet Card.
The shares will be taken from us, quite legally apparently, unless shareholders apply to the court for an order, either that the offerer shall not be entitled and bound to acquire our shares, or that different terms shall apply to those of the offer.