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For example, the commentary on the extraordinary offertory Vir erat runs for thirteen pages (pp.
International Symposium on the Offertory and Its Verses; Research, Past, Present and Future (2004: Trondheim, Norway) Ed.
Offertory gifts were presented by grandmothers Irene Ayers and Lillian Ferguson.
A tall sexy-looking female high school student dressed in tights performed a jazz dance at the offertory of a Mass for all our high school students celebrated by the Bishop of Prince Albert and all the priests of North Battleford and District, and no known official criticism followed this event.
And the Thomas twins are crayoning S&M models in bondage poses on the offertory envelopes.
nA trip up the 199 steps to the spectacular ruined abbey above the town and its ancient church with the simple but heartbreaking appeals for help placed next to the offertory candles ('Pleasepray for my auntie and uncle who both have cancer,Love Dawn, xxx').
In the film, Williams, from Mostyn, who died in 1987, plays the villain Rob Davies who tries to flood the village of Dolwyn as an act of revenge after his banishment from the community years before for stealing from chapel offertory boxes.
He teased notes out of offertory boxes using surgical scissors, raided charity boxes and rifled church safes.
During the offertory procession gifts of a Garryowen rugby ball, a Young Munster jersey and the Munster School's Junior cup, which he won as a boy, were laid at the altar.
You have to remember that there had already been the ordinary church collection, which had raised over pounds 500 and for the special retiring offertory collection the plate was left at the back of the church for people going out.
On December 24, Regehr played the Chikie violin during the offertory at Stamford Church, Niagara Falls.
This is because Blachly chooses to perform the Offertory and Communion at their written concert pitch, which happens to be substantially lower than the pitches of the remaining movements.