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THE STORY: Despite her parents' reluctance, precocious eighth grader Balakrishna "Bee" Branch is determined to collect on the reward they'd offhandedly promised her if she earned perfect grades at school: a trip to Antarctica.
The Republican candidate had offhandedly criticized Britain's preparations for the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games -- a dig he felt qualified to make due to his leading role in the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic Games.
As Joe was leaving to go on his last business trip before his impending layoff, he said to me somewhat offhandedly, 'Why don't you see if there's an industrial kitchen around here where we could try making your Welshcakes?
It is not so unfortunate to be away, distant in some sense, perfect in another, angling the hand under sunlight to recreate what was seen once, offhandedly by chance.
It must be said that the report almost offhandedly notes that at least two women -- a computer expert who first captured some of the offensive images, as well as the diocesan communications director -- on viewing the images immediately recommended notifying police.
Talk with your child about the day and ask about fears and concerns, as your child may not divulge this information offhandedly.
Hmm, I might try to take a zebra if one gives me a good shot" I commented offhandedly.
In perhaps the ultimate sign that the shanda of being related to a gangster has lost its sting, Kauvar offhandedly mentions that he named his late poodle "Lepke.
When their mother offhandedly informs them their father's died, they decide to gatecrash the funeral.
Apparently titanium has gone through the roof," the Honourable Freedman remarked offhandedly.
I think someone said to me offhandedly, "Pos, Ana si has escrito novelas, has escrito poesia y cuentos, si has escrito ensayos, la unico que no haces es teatro.
After carefully considering all the ways you might repay the favor, you decide to do so by offhandedly dismissing in print the suggestion of his mistress corruptor that he is lazy.