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Always, he offered his comments good-naturedly, with a disarming, just-a-joke offhandedness.
Urbanites inclined to dismiss such radical shifts in the social landscape as the inevitable product of merciless economics should stop to consider the high social cost that comes with such offhandedness.
The Grey Gallery show was a broad, but clearly focused overview that intensified your sense of the simultaneous individuality and offhandedness of the photographer-filmmaker's idiosyncratic point of view not only because it isolated particular aspects of his work, but also because it placed it in the context of his colleagues' efforts in other disciplines.
Despite its seeming offhandedness, this request--"`If you see Nick, dear, will you tell him his mother wants to see him?
This time Malouf's title, notwithstanding the studied offhandedness of its second word on the one hand, its Shakespearean allusion on the other, directs us to mental rather than physical space.
8) It is typical of his offhandedness with his own productions -- witness the many difficulties encountered by his Irish publisher and friends when they began assembling his collected Works in 1732 -- that he acquired his copy of Contests and Dissensions (at least the copy which he corrected and preserved) not directly from London but from a friend in Dublin.
Big snare pops burst from Dick Ross's customized trap set (lots of small cymbals for that ringing Southwest sound), axman Balderrama slurs his opening screeches and Carrasco careens about with his unique brand of manic offhandedness.