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Other common errors include not telling them the location of the toilet or the office routine for making coffee.
Bennett paints an achingly funny, fast-talking, sharp-witted picture of office routine.
Tristan didn't want to be stuck in an office routine so the chance to get on the road and visit people in their homes is a major bonus of the job.
We have built our solution on a service model and we will provide the support that physicians need to implement Internet services into their daily office routine.
The chance to get away from the hectic office routine for a luxury spa short break was too good to miss.
Mrs Wood was Violet Baxter when she trained in shorthand typing and office routine.
Fitting into the physician's office routine is the key to physician adoption of handheld electronic prescribing systems," continued Toan.
At Wallsend he regularly left the office routine to go on the road with the forward troops of the sales regiment.
He paints an achingly funny picture of office routine.

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