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The competitors for this office sought as diligently to please their overseers, as the office-seekers in the political parties seek to please and deceive the people.
The cashier, however, took advantage of an influx of office-seekers, to slip out and get into his hackney-coach (hired by the hour for these costly entertainments), and to return to his home in the place Royale.
Former Mayor, attorney James Donchess, a sitting alderman, defeated former Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce President Chris Williams, a first-time office-seeker who had the backing of much of the business community.
James Buchanan was something of a cold fish, an inveterate office-seeker, and--typical of the decayed Democracy of that era--an expansionist/imperialist who coveted Mexico, Cuba, and any other southerly territory that wasn't nailed down.
Gauny, a mortgage broker, is a first-time office-seeker.
It requires citizen groups to report to Congress when they sponsor broadcast ads to the public that mention the name of a member of Congress, at any time of any year, if the sponsoring group spends more than $100,000 per year on such communications in the entire country, or $25,000 on communications that mention a single officeholder or office-seeker.
Regardless, any office-seeker or public official must be extremely cautious and rigorous in knowing how and by whom the campaign coffers are being filled.
They may not distribute a candidate's campaign material in church or use church resources to promote or attack an office-seeker.
Through a truly democratic process, the candidate will be the first office-seeker interactively created through the Internet.
But Weiss ran an aggressive campaign, painting Hayden as a career office-seeker, and matched his spending in the runoff.
Foley said Catholic newspapers should be able to judge ads from candidates based on whether or not the office-seeker holds views that conform with church teaching, using abortion as a litmus test.
Weiss charged that Hayden, the one-time student radical who served 18 years in the state Legislature, was a career office-seeker who was only running for council because term limits forced him out of his previous job.