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At first Tom and his friends thought they were in for no more than an ordinary blow, but as the storm progressed, and the passengers became aware of the anxiety on the part of the officers and crew, the alarm spread among them.
The officers of the Norwegian church, he told us, had held a meeting and decided that the Norwegian graveyard could not extend its hospitality to Mr.
By uniting the several detachments of his command, this officer might have arrayed nearly double that number of combatants against the enterprising Frenchman, who had ventured so far from his reinforcements, with an army but little superior in numbers.
As most of these old Custom-House officers had good traits, and as my position in reference to them, being paternal and protective, was favourable to the growth of friendly sentiments, I soon grew to like them all.
Captain had been broken in and trained for an army horse; his first owner was an officer of cavalry going out to the Crimean war.
At custom-houses the multitude file tediously through, hot and irritated, and look on while the officers burrow into the trunks and make a mess of everything; but you hand your keys to the courier and sit still.
The pitifulest thing out is a mob; that's what an army is -- a mob; they don't fight with courage that's born in them, but with cour- age that's borrowed from their mass, and from their officers.
Old experienced angels are like officers of the regular army - they dress plain, when they are off duty.
She was a favorite with the officers, and exceedingly proud of their joking and friendly way with her.
The -th regiment are stationed there since the riots; and the officers are the most agreeable men in the world: they put all our young knife-grinders and scissor merchants to shame.
I dare say they would like to hear about riding on elephants and camels, and about the officers going to hunt tigers.
One of Andrew's superior officers -- a certain Major Kirke, if I remember right -found him in his quarters, writing to his father a confession of the disgraceful truth, with a loaded pistol by his side.