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Town hall chiefs in Villajoyosa, published her name on a December 2013 official bulletin, warning her she had 15 days to appeal against an administrative proceeding for breaching a by-law banning drinking in the street.
This statement was published on the Official Bulletin of October 16, 2015 under AFTIC Resolution No.
Softtrade" to publish at its own expense the Court decision concerning this suit in the official bulletin of the Federal executive authority on intellectual property.
However, that prospect remains unlikely after an official bulletin from France Galop stated: "Sunny weather will continue until Friday, by when the ground is expected to be good to soft.
Meanwhile, a decree on parliament dissolution was already made public in the official bulletin of Ukrainian president.
Under its influence, rainfall at most places, heavy to very heavy rainfall at a few places and isolated extremely heavy rainfall would occur over coastal Andhra during the next 48 hours, an official bulletin said on Thursday.
But despite an official bulletin last week saying he was recovering from a minor stroke, most believe the 76-year-old must be seriously ill to have disappeared from public view for so long.
The October 12, 2012 official bulletin of the Republic of Albania, states that Vetro submitted a bank guarantee, issued by American Chartered Bank, on August 23, 2012 in the amount of E85m.
The MBE honors list was published on Saturday in the British official bulletin.
2008) An approach and an installation for alimentary and therapeutic mushrooms cultivation, patent request nr 00610, Official Bulletin of Industrial Property--Inventions Section, OSIM, Bucharest
They said the failure to post the meeting on the official bulletin board at Town Hall was accidental, but that copies of the agenda had been e-mailed to many people, which effectively gave notice the meeting would be scheduled.
9 million eligible voters weren't available but an official bulletin of partial results showed turnout at more than 70 per cent.