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As of last week's official count, enrollment at the university now stands at 24,766 students.
This is the official count, but we have to assume that the real number is probably higher," he said.
Organizers estimated the rally drew more than 7,000 people, though a more official count was expected later in the day.
According to the official count, 251 politicians voted in favour of the proposals, 32 against and eight, including some members of Syriza, voted "present", a form of abstention indicating dissent from their party line.
While it can take weeks to verify the official count for Guinness, 904 locations were registered to host more than 40K swimmers in 24 countries for the 2015 WLSL event.
Meanwhile, villagers have claimed that the actual number of killed leopards is much higher than the official count.
The total is now more than four times higher than GM's own official count of 13 deaths.
Two weeks ago a volunteer group counted 158 people on the streets on one night, an increase of 24% from the last official count in April.
So far, it has killed more than 1,500 of the 3,000 people it has affected in Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone, according to an official count.
As the official count of quake casualties first focused on the worst-hit, densely inhabited towns or villages, new missing or dead people may be reported as the rescue work spreads to remote locations with fewer residents, Xinhua quoted official with the Yunnan Civil Affairs Department as saying.
The official count won't start until July 2, when the absentee and provisional ballots are opened, and Espaillat's team has said it could mount a legal challenge.
The official count was filmed and the recording and all the documents were sent to bosses at the Guinness World Records who have now authenticated the record and sent Surjit his official world record certificate.