official registration

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It is on this site that citizens of Russia can make their choice without official registration.
While the Phnong villagers from Laoka village say they have depended on the disputed forestland since 1984 to collect forest products, they lack the official registration of the land as a community forest.
About 500 thousand som were spent on the official registration with the Guinness Book of Records.
The period of the scheduled inspection of the first financial statements of the small businesses is extended from 24 to 36 months from the day of the official registration of the business.
The SSP Riaz admitted that the vehicles bearing official registration numbers are being snatched in the area from the few days even one of the similar cars was snatched on Sunday.
It was an incident of mistaken identity but we have booked the ACLC men in a murder FIR according to what the parents of the victim demanded,' he said, adding that for the past few days vehicles bearing official registration plates were being snatched in the area and a car was also snatched on Saturday.
Official registration records from LAU showed that Badreddine enrolled as a student in 2000 under his given name.
The accused further told the police that he, earlier, had traveled through various major cities including Peshawar, Islamabad and Multan in the same vehicle bearing the fake official registration number plate.
The newly-formed Society of Ukrainian-Cypriot friendship will host its first event on Thursday with a focus on Ukrainian national embroidery (vyshyvanka) marking its official registration under the auspices of the Ukrainian embassy.
The trademark registration in Saudi Arabia is already an expensive affair and with the current increase of the official registration as well the renewal fees to almost double will no doubt make it more expensive.
This law does not criminalise underage marriages, although it bans their official registration.
The official registration lists Altaflo as, a Global Provider of Fluoropolymer and Other Engineering Polymer Extrusions Such as Tubing, Pipe, Profiles, and Related Products.