officially withdraw

See: repeal
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Mr Byrne asked District Judge David Scanlon to officially withdraw the case against Penny, of Knott Street in Blackburn.
BAGHDAD / NINA / The Ministry of Youth and Sports has decided on Monday to officially withdraw from hosting the Gulf Cup 23 to be set up by the end of this year, due to the large deficit in the state budget, and make a formal request to host the 24 tournament of the Gulf Cup.
Light Blues chairman Alastair Johnston yesterday insisted that if the deal is not signed and sealed by close of play, Whyte should officially withdraw.
However the Djiboutian official said his government will "breach" its commitment to the ICC without elaborating on whether this means they will officially withdraw from the court.
But he and his party officially withdraw the claim later, admitting it was false.
Magistrates agreed to officially withdraw the matter.
If JMM officially withdraw support and the state government led by Chief Minister Arjun Munda formally resigns, thereafter we will think about next step.
Local media said Saturday that Onieva will officially withdraw Monday, just four days after announcing his participation in the poll of some 65,000 club members.
I would like to officially withdraw from the running as I want to concentrate on comedy and acting.
The 30-year-old Italian Open winner, who is 15th on the European Tour's Order of Merit, finished tied 25th in the Smurfit European Open last weekend in Ireland, handed in a docter's certificate yesterday morning to officially withdraw from the event.
The 63-year-old's solicitor Bob Carr asked magistrates to officially withdraw the case against him.
I'm very sorry that I had to officially withdraw from the International Championship, due to ongoing health problems," he said.