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Thus, the officiators would have to apply for this specialized license, and no person without such a license would be qualified to perform such marriages.
So take this as a formal flaunting of my shingle as Officiator.
He didn't want to tell the officiator that reading through catalogues was another of her great pleasures; it just wasn't something he wanted said.
The committee proposed that the marriage contract for anyone below the age of 18 must be signed and sanctified in a court of law and not through marriage officiators.
In November 1954, in an attempt to rid kampong-based rites of commemoration of their local distinctiveness, the department of religion established an apparatus of religious officiators (modin) in the kampongs to oversee the washing of the corpse in preparation for burial, to supervise the burial, and to lead prayer at the post-funeral slametan so as to guide residents towards the proper observance of Islam and away from so called 'bad influences' or political 'fanaticism'.
Yet church officiators, whether at monasteries or parish churches, did not always possess the flexibility and highly observant "sensitivity" that one might have expected from men of the cloth.
Robert Henry Darville III and Dennis Patrick Darville, the ceremony's officiators, welcomed guests before the groom and groomsmen descended the rotunda balcony.
More than 120 disabled young people aged between 14 and19 took to the court for the dramatic competition which was supported once more by top outfit Glamorgan Gladiators, who supplied expert referees and officiators on the day.
The role of the priest declined in favor of lay officiators conducting family-based rituals.