old campaigner

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It was damned unfriendly, Mac," said Rawdon, quite overcome; and, covering his face with his hands, he gave way to an emotion, the sight of which caused the tough old campaigner opposite him to wince with sympathy.
Billy the Mule stumped off with the swaggering limp of an old campaigner, as the troop-horse's head came nuzzling into my breast, and I gave him biscuits, while Vixen, who is a most conceited little dog, told him fibs about the scores of horses that she and I kept.
It was hardly an appeal to be successful with one who was an old campaigner as well as an old friend.
After her turn, which she did this time with the nerve of an old campaigner, the manager returned to the charge; and after saying nice things and being generally nice himself, he came to the point.
My dear madam," said I, "I am an old campaigner, and if I were not I can very well see that no apology is needed.
And the men who read the despatches off to the audience were old campaigners, who had been to the places and helped to make the vote, and could make appropriate comments: Quincy, Illinois, from 189 to 831--that was where the mayor had arrested a Socialist speaker
It was the ultimate compliment from a grizzled old campaigner who played over 70 times for Italy and can't have had many more difficult games than this.
The key question now is whether Nulife can reverse form with last week's second Shake The Bucket, a great old campaigner still maintained in fine shape by the Madden family at the age of 11.
On a day where a hero was needed, it was old campaigner Derek Asamoah who stole the limelight as he grabbed a telling brace to help his side to their first home league victory of the season.
The old campaigner finger calls another Appleton, bites air before the
Dean proved he is a wily old campaigner by performing well and for a spinner take five wickets in April was a terrific effort.
Sergio Garcia's win at the Qatar Open on Saturday nudges the Spaniard up to second in the World Points List, while Ian Poulter, Rory McIlroy, Justin Rose, Henrik Stenson and wily old campaigner Thomas Bjorn are also in the team as it stands.