old soldier

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And the old lady gave the old soldier alms, and went into the church with Karen.
Here the old soldier bobbled up and asked if Kim would accept his hospitality for the night.
I observed the Old Soldier - not to adopt the name disrespectfully - to pretty good advantage, on a night which is made memorable to me by something else I shall relate.
Smallweed, hearing that this authority is an old soldier, so strongly inculcates the expediency of the trooper's taking counsel with him, and particularly informing him of its being a question of five guineas or more, that Mr.
He looked into the future with clear, proud eye, and he swore with the air of an old soldier.
Hunt was not accustomed to the management of "voyageurs," and he had a crew admirably disposed to play the old soldier, and balk their work; and ever ready to come to a halt, land, make a fire, put on the great pot, and smoke, and gossip, and sing by the hour.
We have found one of ours here--an old soldier of the war, who is seeking bloodless adventures and rest from his campaigns in these sunny lands.
D'Artagnan, in the meantime, had taken the head of his detachment without a word and with that ready and profound obedience which marks the character of an old soldier.
The old soldier nods familiarly; he evidently knows him.
This blessing of the old soldier, the only one bestowed upon their marriage-day, shed a balm on Ginevra's heart.
As for Sir Michael O'Dowd, though his lady and her sister both urged him to call upon the Major to explain himself and not keep on torturing a poor innocent girl in that shameful way, the old soldier refused point-blank to have anything to do with the conspiracy.
I am an old soldier, and wounds of long standing give me no peace.