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By "large" I mean the kind of specimens known old-fashionedly as "museum" pieces; I mean boulder-like hunks of limestone up to 60 or 70 cm wide and/or deep, with translucent blue-purple fluorite cubes to 3 cm on edge perching lightly all over rolling, drusy quartz-coated cavity linings.
Yes, he prided himself on being typically, old-fashionedly "English" in his insularity, his aversion to going abroad, his indifference to what foreigners got up to in the unfortunate parts the world they were condemned to live in.
The Boom indeed transformed Spanish literary life as a whole, via the updating of the book industry, the transcending of localized reading patterns, the creation of a sense of modernity in a somewhat old-fashionedly imitative market, and the relaxation of norms in a way that refreshed a culture threatened by officialization and stagnation.