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There, in mountain towns like Galax, old-time American music continues to thrive, supported by a community of fiddlers, flat-pickers, and fans.
Skarstad was immediately hooked, and she has been playing old-time music ever since.
Illustrated with step-by-step, full-color photography on virtually every page, Classic Whittling: Basic Techniques and Old-Time Projects is a solid guide to this art of crafting beautiful and functional items from wood, whether for purposes of hobby, stress relief, or just plain fun.
She is the 2013 National Old-Time Buckdancing Champion.
MJ: You moved there to be closer to the old-time music scene?
Literally hundreds of lovers of American old-time fiddling helped in one way or another.
A new festival called Retro Sofia Fest - A Guide Round Old-time Sofia is to be held on September 16 to 18 in Bulgaria's capital city to mark the Day of Sofia, organisers said, according to a report by Bulgarian National Radio.
But on Abigail Washburn's City of Refuge, her banjo, played in the pre-Nashville clawhammer style, plucks and clucks along in company with the guzheng (a Chinese zither) and some old-time Mongolian throat-singing.
Even if you're not an old-time musician or a farmer, you probably like pie
But the old-time American ale brewers rarely made ales this big.
Ten years ago old-time music was dying in the Kentucky mountains where it was born.
Following a chronology, historical overview of radio networks and pre-network radio broadcasting, A-Z entries on old-time radio (OTR) range cover its aesthetic, technical, and organizational aspects and its leading personalities (e.