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She is the 2013 National Old-Time Buckdancing Champion.
The fiddlers are enthusiasts who play old-time music for fun using not just fiddles, but also related acoustic instruments, such as guitar, banjo, mandolin and double-bass.
Literally hundreds of lovers of American old-time fiddling helped in one way or another.
As a college student from Illinois, Abigail Washburn was fascinated by the sound of old-time Appalachian music.
For seven years, the best old-time musicians in Kentucky have come to the school, in Letcher County near Whitesburg, to spend the last week of June teaching old-time tunes to mixed classes of children and adults.
It's a good family show - like an old-time variety show.
These simple, old-time techniques should go a long way in heading off inquiries and even lawsuits by soft-on-crime do-gooders.
Beverly smith and Carl Jones, two old-time country musicians from the US, will join Ceri Rhys Matthews of Welsh band Fernhill for an evening of musical discovery.
CNB fuses the product and service offerings of old-time banking with new technology and branch hours seven days a week, to meet the needs of the community while providing total ease and convenience," said Stewart Lubow, CNB Chairman.
An introduction walks readers through the basics of the "Don't Panic" method of shopping for, cooking and freezing meals in advance, and recipes include South of the Border Queso, Old-Time Beef Stew, Beef Pita Tacos, Frozen Fruit Salad, and more.
Add mysterious ruins, aliens, and an offer for two new lives and you have a superb, fast-paced story which will appeal to newcomers and as a solid re-read for old-time fans.
This production has that same old-time radio feeling because of the script, but it also has state-of-the-art 21st-century sound technology.