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Oligopolies often dissipate because one or another member cheats the cartel and sells at a lower price, but the MFN prevents that from happening.
The BEREC report sets out a number of criteria which one might use to distinguish between 'good' and 'bad' tight oligopolies.
As food systems became increasingly dominated by ultra-processed products, fast food and soft drinks, food oligopolies made enormous profits and acquired the power to set prices and determine the terms and conditions of their market sectors.
This failure does not flow from a lack of relevance as mixed oligopolies in industries from steel and automobiles to airlines produce products with either substantial transport costs or extensive elements of horizontal differentiation.
The people are more intelligent than the owners of the oligopolies," Zelaya responded.
1) For pioneering work on mixed oligopolies, see Merrill and Schneider (1966) and Harris and Wiens (1980).
They are seeking to expand their ties in the face of worldwide realignment among big automakers and resource development enterprises which could result in oligopolies in these areas, Nippon Steel officials said.
Economic history clearly shows that product prices rise faster than general inflation as oligopolies emerge, particularly when there are other uses of capital offering higher returns.
Today, those regional oligopolies are being supplanted by a single global oligopoly consisting of a few multinational players who are truly insurers without borders.
I was heavily criticized by many businessmen, who, after all, were accustomed to operating within monopolies and oligopolies.
And in the latest frenzy of deals, oligopolies are starting to go global.
In this connection, it is not far-fetched to project that the continuing expansion of oligopolies and managed care with capitated payment could serve as a back door to further regulatory controls and global budgetary approaches (e.