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its fellow oligopolists created multiple similar sugar cereals,
t - 1]), cohort-t leaders ([tau] < t) act as oligopolists ignoring the following cohorts.
Unlike the case of the oligopolist, however, the role of IT in gaining competitive advantage for the local monopolist does not necessarily involve trying to gain market share; rather, the role of IT may be to strengthen the relationship between the organization and its customers and suppliers to maintain the foundation on which the monopoly is built.
781 (1946), in which each oligopolist cigarette manufacturer allegedly purchased more tobacco than it needed in order to exclude discount cigarette makers.
For instance, Bresnahan (1982) suggests a simultaneous system of demand and price (the latter derived by equating marginal revenue to marginal cost) for a monopolist or oligopolist that can be estimated empirically.
Maksimovic (1988) took the argument further, determining the maximum debt levels each oligopolist could have while still leaving open the possibility of tacit collusion.
The objective criterion for the ith oligopolist is then,
That is, a given oligopolist may undertake foreign investment in order to "counter, check, or forestall a move by some oligopolist" (Graham 1978).
It is also assumed that all firms are idential and that each of the n firms make their production decisions as would a standard Cournot oligopolist.
On the other hand, an intermediate-good producer is a price setter and acts as an oligopolist.
When the incremental cost (or perhaps stand-alone cost) of the new plant is substantially lower, the oligopolist will be under little pressure to pass this forward to markets where demand is relatively inelastic.
One of is them strategic trade policy: lax environmental standards may be used to improve the market position of a domestic oligopolist and to shift profits from abroad to the domestic economy.