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impairs, and alters the outcomes of oligopolistic games.
Business executives are witnessing technological advances outpace strategic thinking, consequently, to improve their competitive rank in oligopolistic markets, business executives have begun hiring consulting firms to create business wargame simulations.
This collection of assumptions about oligopolistic interactions encompasses Cournot-Nash interactions as well as interactions that are more and less competitive than the Cournot-Nash benchmark.
This is so because the domestic market for cement is still oligopolistic.
RO = an industry in which naturally oligopolistic conditions were supplemented by competition-limiting regulations.
One major difficulty with group decisionmaking is the natural emergence of autocratic and oligopolistic tendencies even in small groups.
They fear it will help create an oligopolistic software market and diminish inventiveness.
The oligopolistic structure of the industry in Germany became more marked whilst it developed clear contours in the United States.
Alliances in standard-cycle, oligopolistic markets typically strive to fuse complementary capabilities, combining large teams of workers and establishing large-scale, standardized production and distribution.
This contemporary, dynamic, oligopolistic model of trade, which made its appearance in the late 1970s, is called the "new international economics.
Economists use the term "contestable" markets that supports a view that the potential of competition may be as powerful a factor restraining prices in oligopolistic markets as actual competition.
It's about like using the concepts of Eighteenth Century capitalism and free enterprise in Twentieth Century, monopolistic, oligopolistic America.