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In contrast to equilibria associated with perfect competition, monopoly, or monopolistic competition, firms operating in an oligopolistic market may choose to follow different strategies leading to different expected results.
which, unlike the Shennan Act, [1] does cover natural oligopolistic conduct (see below) as a concertation but [2] does not cover single-firm predation (10) or contrived oligopolistic conduct that involves only threats of retaliation (11)) declares the conduct it covers to be illegal if the conduct has as its (critical (12)) object preventing, restricting, or distorting competition in the common market and declares the conduct it covers to be prima facie illegal if it would have the effect of preventing or restricting competition if it did not benefit relevant buyers by yielding eligible efficiencies.
First, monopolistic competition between many small firms a la Dixit and Stiglitz (1977), producing goods that are bundled in a CES aggregator; second, oligopolistic competition in prices or Bertrand competition; third, oligopolistic competition in quantities or Cournot competition.
This concentration could facilitate the establishment of an oligopolistic trend and joint supply management.
ABC's ratings benefit from its stable operations, appropriately slim profit margins, commitment to strong leverage metrics, consistent and strong cash generation and oligopolistic position as one of the three major drug distributors in the US.
Indeed, today the market for derivatives is oligopolistic, with a few banks running huge profit margins.
The shops that were identified by the First Capital Index Report which are alleged to be characterised as an existence of a collusive oligopolistic behaviour with increasing prices at the same time irrespective of their cost structure or state of economy are similar shops investigated in South Africa, where their parent companies are originating from.
In the current oligopolistic market, only a percentage of the largest companies are expected to survive.
More specifically, similar to Lahiri and Ono (1988, 1995, 2004) and Neary (2003), finns producing the same final product are assumed to engage in oligopolistic competition.
In reality, oligopolistic competition is a salient feature of the manufacturing sector in a modern economy and land plays an important role in the production of agricultural products.
A Japanese steelmaker source noted, however, that the development would not change the effective oligopolistic control of the global iron ore market exerted by the two major mining companies and Brazil's Vale, the world's largest iron ore producer.
As measures to strengthen competition in markets and check oligopolistic conditions in markets are pursued, part of the rise in (indirect) taxes will be absorbed, while the containment in wages and pressures from falling demand will gradually start to be reflected in prices and a fall in inflation," he told the paper.