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They particularly point to how the development of universally recognised technologies or brands allows these dominant oligopolists to control global supply chains in the role of 'system integrators'.
Ellickson (2007) established that the oligopolists build larger stores on average than do firms in the fringe, and also offer higher levels of several alternative measures of store quality.
its fellow oligopolists created multiple similar sugar cereals,
While scholars have been quick to label television broadcasters as rent-seeking oligopolists, few have noted that the industry on the other side of this debate is dominated by only four behemoths, (43) two of which just attempted to merge last year.
154) Kodak would have made more sense as part of a Sherman Act section 1 or FTC [section] 5 case that challenged the behavior not only of Kodak but of its fellow oligopolists, IBM and Xerox, as strategic parallel conduct in the form of a win-win game to exploit locked-in customers in the aftermarkets for parts and repair as the critical component of an agreement to limit price competition to the primary market for copiers and gain monopoly profits in the aftermarkets.
But each of these implications may arise as part of noncollusive conduct by oligopolists in a repeated game setting.
t - 1]), cohort-t leaders ([tau] < t) act as oligopolists ignoring the following cohorts.
If intellectual property law is justified by appeals to the promotion of free competition, then the dilemma of the law is to balance the market failures that might occur when investment in innovation is deterred by unbridled free-riding versus the deterrence of innovation investment among second-comers if ill-conceived legal monopolies enable rent-seeking oligopolists to control and stifle follow-on innovation.
The standard approach focuses on the inefficiently low production chosen by producers with monopoly power, such as monopolists or oligopolists, that is, on the inefficiencies conditional on a given allocation of market power.
Bernheim and Whinston (1990) analyzed the relationship between multimarket contact and firms' abilities to sustain noncompetitive or collusive behavior, suggesting that oligopolists with multimarket contacts can create particularly severe punishments (e.
As oligopolists, it makes total sense for the College Board and ACT to be eyeing, together, expansion into the immense K-12 assessment market.