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If we accept the premise that prestige is a substitute for money in the academic community and that it has a theoretical monetary value, then we can begin to understand why an oligopoly persists in the journal publishing industry.
Though Cimenterie Nationale has encroached slightly on Holcim's market share in the past two years, each firm's share of local sales over the past decade has remained relatively stable, a fact critics cite as ammunition against the oligopoly.
While this article focuses on duopolies-markets in which market shares are exhausted (or nearly so) by two firms the discussion can be applied easily to somewhat less concentrated markets, including other oligopoly markets.
There is an oligopoly in the production of milk and an oligopoly in the distribution of milk," said Theodoulou.
Economic theory and how it influenced their decisions involving their operations strategy will also be explored, focusing on the areas of business environment, economic profit, marginal analysis, consumer behavior and oligopoly strategies.
The current restructuring activities should help us create a poultry oligopoly, which would help defend our cost structure.
Oligopoly is a typical topic of all microeconomics courses usually taught at the Economics faculties and, at the same time, a market structure very suitable for experimental economics and economic experiments (Davis and Holt 1993).
However, no one has examined the consequences of a mixed oligopoly in the context of the spatial price discrimination.
The airline went on to challenge the established oligopoly in the domestic aviation sector with unprecedented cheap fares.
Price net of marginal cost, as a percentage of price,--the Lerner Index in oligopoly theory--increased on standard plan services to an amount in excess of 60%.
The regulator Ofgem now has to act fast to reassure businesses that the Big Six will not be allowed to continue operating as a cosy oligopoly.
The seven industry associations acknowledged that part of the upward pressure on steel prices stemmed from rising costs for key raw materials like iron ore and coking coal that result from an oligopoly in the mining industry.