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The purchase for $1 of the proprietary formulas, trade-names, trade-secrets, trademarks, marketing materials, and internet domains related to the Omega Infusion Business from Mycell Technologies LLC.
Why the first Omega dive watch struggled to catch on with divers
Omega Performance has enabled more than 2,500 firms worldwide to drive and sustain improved business results.
Oceans Omega delivers stable, good-tasting omega-3-fortified beverages, which we believe will add value to our product portfolio and our customers," Gibbons added.
First Vitality is the largest internet distributor of pharmaceutical grade Omega 3 fatty acids in the UK and one of the definitive information resources for complementary nutritional medicine on the Internet.
Remaining competitive and effective in the ever-changing financial services environment demands that banks continually innovate and improve their performance across all lines of business, in every discipline and delivery channel, at every organizational level," said Mario Berard, president and chief executive officer of Omega Performance.
After the transaction, Zapata will continue to own 5,232,708 shares of Omega Protein common stock, or 33% of the company.
E[acute accent]In addition, Omega has very minimal near-term obligations as only 4.
Zymes Omega Solutions uses Zymes water-solubilization technology, PTS(TM) to solubilize and stabilize omega-3s into nanomicelles with an average particle size of 25 nanometers, thus allowing for the formulation to be crystal clear in water.
Omega created the NorthFace ScoreBoard Award program to recognize organizations like DataDirect that offer exemplary service and center their existence on a deep commitment to exceeding customer expectations," said Anthony Santilli, chief customer officer of Omega Management Group.
Under the terms of the letter of intent, the ophthalmologists and/or practices with which they are associated will make an equity investment in Omega of at least $1 million.