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Hawkins got the first look at the table but broke down on 31 and, after a brief safety battle, Murphy potted an impressive red and then showed ominous form in compiling 92.
According to former union minister Manish Tewari, the underlying sub- text of the concept of a Congressfree India is " a very ominous and menacing overtone and it implies the end of India as a secular state".
The ominous clouds in the background certainly don't help to paint a rosy picture of the future for Teller and his motley gang of bikers," (http://www.
All regional countries should cooperate to uproot this ominous phenomenon," Mehman-Parast added.
After an ominous explosion over the island of Kaua'i foretells the murderous assault of snake-beings that destroy Mano's home village, the mysterious mountain-dwelling race called tha anuku take him in.
Today, here in Los Angeles, we are already seeing ominous signs of an impending social explosion that will make the French rebellion by Muslim and immigrant youths seem tame by comparison," Cienfuegos was quoted as saying.
At CB Richard Ellis breakfast forum last Friday, New York region chairman John Powers predicted continued strength in the city's commercial real estate market, but guest speaker, Alan Greenspan, tempered pearly predications by warning of ominous trends relating to energy prices that could have a profound impact on the economy.
Wind gusts sporadically through the skinny pines to animate the suspended white cloth, daylight absconds, an ominous hum slowly crescendos, and, suddenly, as though the trees were dreaming, the putative zenith of pre--World War II Western sophistication blooms in the midst of Europe's oldest forest: On the blowsy sheet is projected Fred Astaire's famous dance sequence from Top Hat (1935), the orchestra's flourishes punctuated by fake gunshots.
In a powerful, unsettling scene framed by fiery crimson light, the performers plunged into long-held, deep back arches as an ominous tone sounded; then they righted themselves and casually prepared to repeat this gut-wrenching sequence.
However, it is the foot soldier who sees war at its most basic--the sand, the snipers, and the ominous objects by the side of the road.
Meanwhile the FBI converges upon the River Club like an ominous vulture, running a investigation that will unearth shocking truths.
TIGER Woods fired out an ominous warning to his Open rivals as he took charge at St Andrews with a stunning six under.