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It was the date that saw the release of Yann Martel's Life of Pi, and despite the coincidental ominousness, the book was not doomed.
Here, the exterior ominousness spills into the interior.
Preljocaj's characteristic combination of inventiveness, energetic defiance, and ominousness reigned over a mating season with occasional hints of rape.
Looming over the short-lived merriment, the sea accords with the ominousness of the disguised King Polixenes, on the brink of his Leontean outburst.
And the very fact that it is somewhat vague adds to its ominousness.
In short, the inquisitiveness of the doorkeeper, who seizes on Aristomenes' suspicious behavior, gives him an air of ominousness and eeriness, almost clairvoyance, because he knows so much and sounds trained in the law, knowing which arguments will be effective in court; furthermore, the ongoing soliloquies by Aristomenes himself, in which he is daunted by the enormity of the prima facie case against himself, give the tale a legal atmosphere.
c) The Babylonian criterion determining its ominousness must be known and quantifiable.
The ever increasing number of bankruptcies reported each month, the ominousness surrounding any mention of the National Consumer Debt, and the items on insolvency now appearing in the popular press which previously showed little interest in the subject has given bankruptcy a high profile both in practice and in theory.