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Some scholars suggest that highbrow tastes are a thing of the past and the omnivore now reigns supreme in a "post-Bourdieu era" of cultural sociology (Vander Stichele and Laermans 2006).
Hence, the research investigates the evolution of the 'festivore' hypothesis: the propensity for both activity-seeking univores and omnivores (theatre-going or not) to display voracious omnivore consumption behaviour, attending the festival as a total event, which includes various art and theatre forms and cultural goods.
Omnivore disappoints most in Pollan's refusal to draw the obvious conclusion from such facts.
Lotus Engineering, a subsidiary of Lotus Cars Limited, is unveiling its Omnivore engine concept at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show scheduled to be held in March 2009.
The results were compared with ultrasound attenuation data on 110 age-matched white female omnivores that had been collected previously by the researchers.
If you're going to remain an omnivore, at least look for lowfat versions of meat and dairy foods.
Because, if you think about it, we don't actually eat many carnivores and only the occasional omnivore.
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As I was working on our new book, Six Arguments for a Greener Diet, it quickly became apparent that the average vegetarian is healthier than the average omnivore.
In a novel study, they recruited women who eat both animal and plant foods--the omnivore regimen typical of most Americans--and women who only eat plant-derived foods.
An unrepentant pop-culture omnivore who is charming, witty, entertaining and brutally honest, Sara has a razor sharp comedic delivery that is perfectly suited to the Internet.
You'll need to decide if you would like to have a culinary world view, observing omnivore techniques that you can then 'translate' into vegan, or if you prefer to train in the vegan world.