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A report for Carmarthenshire council's executive board said the majority of fatal and serious accidents resulted from oncoming vehicles colliding with traffic turning out of or into junctions and accesses.
Investigators accepted that Duguid was pulling out to check if there were any oncoming vehicles when the accident happened.
New function to avoid oncoming people ASIMO identifies oncoming people through its eye camera, calculates traveling direction and speed, predicts forthcoming movements of oncoming people, and chooses the most appropriate path so that it will not block the movement of others.
Passengers watched as Mrs Dees dropped onto the Metro lines as an oncoming Metro train approached, which stopped just 50 yards from where she lay.
The woman was driving a Fiat Bravo towards Skelton when she met the oncoming car, which was travelling in the wrong lane.
The oil truck collided with the cars in succession after running several dozen meters in the oncoming lane, they said.
The film shows oncoming cars swerve as a Garda patrol car chases the two men racing ponies.
The pair narrowly missed oncoming cars as they drove up the wrong side of the road, ignoring a red light and flying straight past a marked police car.
Phelps then tried to squeeze in between a Volvo low-loader lorry and an oncoming petrol tanker.
Sir - Coming over the Gower commons one day last week in the evening rush hour, headlights were flashed several times by oncoming cars.
JOGGERS who run with the flow of traffic are twice as likely to be killed or injured as those facing oncoming cars.
Stuck behind a dozen or more cars in the left-turn lane, waiting our chance to creep out into the intersection and brave the rush of oncoming traffic.