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A unique take on the Spice Girls is apparently one moment to look out for
After listening to the families of the abducted soldiers, who urged the State to "assume its responsibilities in bringing their children back," Salam assured them that "your children are the children of the Lebanese State and we would never give them up nor will we stop for one moment from seeking to liberate them.
SIPPING TEA Sometimes I sit on cobbled streets Outside cafes, sipping tea And I pretend for just one moment That I'm not really me And as you pass by and glance my way I could be anyone, I could own anything I could be rich and intelligent A woman of culture, of importance And this sitting and sipping was part of my daily routine of spoilt decadence But if you came a little closer and lingered a while You would see the evidence of this true reality My tea has long grown cold as I sit in this pretend world There is no laughter at this table No smiling, no talking Contemplation perhaps In forced solitude And as you pass me by, I wonder Are you lonely too?
On the strength of his sending-off that one moment of stupidity has cost him his chance to tour with the British and Irish Lions.
Kristina McBride has written a poignant, heartbreaking tale of how one moment in a person's life can change everything.
it is based on the idea that one moment of focused attention can have an enormous impact.
The paper comments that at one moment of pride, it was no trouble to smokers to smoke outside of bars at-5 degrees, that ethnic Albanians were not troubled that their children had to study Macedonian from the first grade, as the tiring name issue debate and constant confrontation between SDSM and VMRO-DPMNE stopped.
AN OLD Chinese proverb once stated that 'One moment of patience may ward off great disaster and one moment of impatience may ruin a whole life'.
Iran's opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi vowed Thursday that he would not withdraw for one moment despite of what he described "growing difficulties" in his web site for the first time.
Sometimes in a season you get a feeling that one moment is going to make all the difference," he said.
EPHRAT No-One's Words (Inside Out) IMAGINE for one moment the prospect of Emerson, Lake & Metallica.
JOE CARRUTH admits one moment of madness almost cost him his chance of facing Bathgate in tomorrow's Citylink Scottish Junior Cup semi-final.