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A language resulting from a sticker system is called a one-sided sticker language (OSSL) if for each pair (u, v) [member of] D, we have either u = [lambda] or v = [lambda].
Tong [62] tabulated equicoordinate one-sided and two-sided percentage points, to 4D, and probability integrals p, to 5D.
But he predicted the one-sided trend will grow at King Koil.
MIND THE GAP While working in the laboratory of Cliff Tabin at Harvard Medical School in Boston in the mid-1990s, Levin also documented one-sided gene activity in the chick before the cilia appear.
The Series III line includes one-sided models with four to 18 stations.
Mr Kay's article is entirely one-sided and subjective.
All this acclaim is naturally getting a Bronx cheer from folks like Bronx Borough President Freddy Ferrer, who is disgusted with the entire one-sided negotiation, and certainly has the most to lose.
In this media-obsessed age, many now seem to regard a great diplomat as someone who is an outstanding press agent or a vigorous negotiator who can gain advantage for his government by extracting one-sided concessions from others.
Checkbook 100 leaves one side, one color,printing consolidated daily medications, service (unidosis) legal size bond paper of 75 grams of numbered 5901 to 7400, book of 100 pages, one-sided, two-color.
London, Sept 10 (ANI): World heavyweight boxing champion David Haye has refused to apologise for his comments that his fight against Audley Harrison will be "as one-sided as a gang-rape", during a television interview when he appeared with his opponent.