one-sided view

See: distortion
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COUNCILLOR Hudson's letter (Feedback, November 16) obviously has taken a one-sided view of Plaid Cymru.
The QC said Mr Sekar was a well-known campaigner who took a one-sided view of the case, and asked Mr Coutts whether there were any points in the book which suggested the police officers involved in the original inquiry had not been guilty of criminal offences.
The party's view is that till date a one-sided view of history had been presented only to glorify members of the Gandhi-Nehru family and not really acknowledge the vast contributions made by various other Indian leaders.
We are completely marginalized in the Middle East by taking a one-sided view.
Pearson added: "I don't see why I should continue to take your one-sided view of this argument.
We conclude, that whilst, on the one hand, the Archbishop has taken an extreme or one-sided view of the teaching of the Church; on the other, for the reason assigned, it is undoubtedly open to every clergyman either to believe in or to deny the existence of a God.
He said despite China's doctrine of non-interference, it carries a one-sided view on how it should work.
This one-sided view of the US will cease when its military and economic powers are taken over by another country.
Some critics fault Asian for offering an unoriginal and one-sided view of Jesus' life.
com/poolecho "The overwhelming majority of those present at the Congregational Meeting on January 20 felt that his was a grossly distorted and one-sided view of the situation.
They are now touting a movie which presents a one-sided view of alimony while ignoring positive changes that were recently made as drafted by the Family Law Section in 2010.
It is crucial that the information is correct and that I get the whole picture and not just a one-sided view.