one-track mind

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I've always been a champion, I've got a one-track mind and I know I'm going to win.
It's almost hard not to have this one-track mind when everyone, from the company's top leadership to its 12 newest hires announced in December, has what Kiessling referred to as a "predisposition for customer service.
21 date in the Las Vegas Bowl against BYU with what sounded like a collective one-track mind.
You can't have a one-track mind when it comes to business.
Today's choreographers respect Fosse and embrace jazz's sensuality, but they don't want to fuel the perception that jazz has a one-track mind.
Indeed, the Greek team's one-track mind was matched by their fans, who may have been passionate, but singularly ignored the Mexican wave flowing around the rest of the stadium.
Founded in 1942, the privately held, family-owned and -operated company has a one-track mind.
To my one-track mind the reason is clear: They exist because archers still need them.
Sampler, you'll discover he's got a one-track mind.
You have a one-track mind," she said, giving me a Paolo Di Canio-style shove in the chest.
Just as American Home is "singularly focused" on woven outer bedding, its parent has a one-track mind when it comes to basic accessories including pillow protectors in blended, cotton, vinyl and satin fabric; guaranteed-to-fit mattress covers in vinyl and blended fabric and an allergy-relief line of pillow and mattress covers.