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Rescuers later found Shaukat Ali Hayat, 56, cradling the family's only survivor, one-year-old Mohammed, in the wreckage.
Despite efforts by her stepfather and mother, they were only able to rescue the one-year-old girl before being beaten back by the flames and injured.
Yesterday, Assistant High Court Registrar Thomson Ligowe said after the couple filed for adoption, Judge Andrew Nyirenda had issued an interim order allowing the pop star and her film director husband to take the one-year-old named David.
The one-year-old community is located approximately one-half mile from the University of California, Riverside (UCR) campus, one of the few in the UC system with growth capacity.
In Kenya, the forceful waves swept a one-year-old hippopotamus into the ocean, and then brought it back to shore.
Henderson, 40, who has had a long relationship with PWRDF (starting out as a volunteer at age 15, before joining its staff in 1995 following a five-year stint with the national church's youth ministry program), said she wants to devote more time to her one-year-old daughter, Isabella.
Funny Face and Spooky, two female cats, declawed and both one-year-old, have been adopted by the facility's human residents, according to Administrator Lynn Brady.
One-year-old Logan Russell gets the inside scoop as the University of Oregon men's tennis team confers during practice Tuesday at the Student Tennis Center.
Oracle subsidiary Clinidata operates the one-year-old Direct Health call centre in the city.
At first glance, dividing $780 among three companies may seem like a stretch, but according to NAIC, the average one-year-old dub holds eight companies in its portfolio.
One-year-old company TranSiC AB, in which Volvo Technology Transfer (VTT) is now investing, has developed a new conductor based on silicon carbide.
One-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier Podgey is an excitable and bouncy dog who is looking for owners who could continue his basic and house training.