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Julien Kilanga Musinde does not use this intimate oneiric setting as a maze to confuse the reader, but rather as an alcove whence the finest artists prepare and reveal the world to come.
He no longer walks with them but rather passes by them as if they were on exhibit, captives of the oneiric city.
The brief narrator's prologue to A Reliquia that justifies his memoirs and prepares the reader for his oneiric voyage, placing the "heavy vestments of History .
In an oneiric scene, Aldo Moro walks at dawn through a silent and deserted square, with the Palazzo della Civilta Italiana--one of the most famous fascist buildings in Rome--in the background.
There are hints throughout the book that those careers are not so much actual as oneiric, or at best aspirational.
Also drawing on Kearney's trilogy via a reading of Gabriel Marquez's Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor, Eileen Rizo-Patron argues that testimonial literature cannot be easily separated from imaginative fiction, given the oneiric dimension of both narrative forms.
The out-of-body, otherworldly experience of trance provides an oneiric mirror for an alternative view of one's self, subject formation, and reinterpreting identity.
Gambaro identifies traits of ecriture feminine in the oneiric nature and fragmented style of Diario, though she points out that it lacks the jouissance of femininity celebrated by the French feminists.
Accordingly, the first half of this study makes a case for a literary-critical approach for interpreting oneiric anecdotes in early Islamic historiography.
He is at once a stratum of the earth and a streamer in the air, no painted dragon but a figure of real oneiric power, one that can easily survive the prejudice which arises at the very mention of the word 'dragon'.
In this regard the games of laki are fully integrated into the oneiric knowledge of Yagwoia self and its actions.
In Nonsequences (1965), which included some poems written in Texas, I floated a series of gestures that were debonair enough, some with a political urgency that startled me, others oneiric.