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OneTime Messenger provides solutions both for chat-for-fun-users as well as chat-for-business-users, offering business users an easy and uncomplicated way to structure B2B as well as B2C communication and replace SMS workflows.
From there users are awarded a single share per new user they convince to bring on to OneTime Messenger.
We wish that the User monetizes huge on the success of OneTime Messenger.
Additionally to the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign OneTime.
Results in fiscal 2001 were affected by pretax onetime charges totaling $284.
Net profits in fiscal 2000 were hit by pretax onetime charges of $350.
For the year earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization, LIFO and onetime charges (EBITDA) rose 5.
As a result, pretax income before onetime items and extraordinary charges rose 7.
8 million onetime gain in the 1999 period and onetime charges of $26.
Johnson & Johnson's earnings in the 1998 period reflect $610 million in net onetime charges.
s earnings in the 1998 period reflect a $29 million onetime charge.