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Tens of thousands of applications for the iPhone have been created by developers and the California-based Apple recently celebrated the billionth application download from its online App Store.
Aura also serves as a great way to launch pre-loaded gaming and educational apps or download new ones from the online app store.
Developed in collaboration with leading sat-nav experts, Renault R-Link combines an affordable, touchscreen multimedia device with a curated online app store.
Facebook released a rebuilt application for iPhones a few weeks ago and saw its rating in Apple's online App Store go from two to four stars.
Nearly all (95 percent) said they obtained their mobile apps from IT or purchased them from an online app store.
A Sparrow email application for iPhones became available for purchase in Apple's online app store in March, and a version of the software for Macintosh computers has been available since early last year.
ExactTarget clients, integrated partners, developers and technology companies are expected to have access to the third-party applications via ExactTarget's HubExchange, the company's online app store, during the second quarter of 2013.
The Wickr app has been downloaded thousands of times since the software crafted for iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch devices hit the virtual shelves of Apple's online App Store on Wednesday.
SEATTLE -- A quick visit to an online app store can make going green easy and fun.
Credit Suisse has announced that it will introduce an online app store where investment banks can purchase and share their proprietary source code.

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