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3 The Onrush is a new tactical folder in the Steel Will lineup.
These vignettes evoke memories of an era now well and truly overtaken by the onrush of time.
Overhead, winds whirling and pounding as though powerful water currents were ravining the skies changed course suddenly, a fierce onrush whipping across the ground to prevent him moving forward.
As to Williams's citation of lines that describe the onrush of the torrent: they only serve to show how inconsistent his "stream" is with the rest of the play's text.
Eleven frontline men of the 333rd battalion and some fellow battalion members narrowly escape the onrush of German troops early in the December 1944-January 1945 Ardennes Offensive by hopping on trucks their commander sent forward.
READY FOR BUSINESS: The market is all set for the onrush of customers in the early 1900s
Some stars might be so massive that the shockwave doesn't have enough oomph to push against the onrush of collapsing star stuff.
The reality was that after the first onrush of destitute locals seeking easy pay and rations, no other Russian seemed intent on joining.
This onrush of public announcements has been so evident that one CEO declared a third political party emerging in this country, which is the party of CEOs.
Every individual is going to go through that onrush of attention in his/her own way.
Given the relentless onrush of technology, there is even greater need for fairy tales and the kind of Grimm magic that is to be found in the pages of "The Grimm Future"
As I put the finishing touches on the March digital edition of National Right to Life News, there came an onrush of stories I wish I had space to include.