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I think the message in the context of Pakistan is that India is interested in improving the relationship with Pakistan and therefore the onus of the responsibility for creating an environment in which the relationship can grow would also depend much more on Pakistan and the kind of provocation that comes from there.
The onus isn't on Christian Benteke to score, the onus is on everybody to chip in with goals.
Yes, the onus is more on Newcastle to set the agenda because of the opposition, but away from home, they should still be able to counterattack.
Washington and Kiev have put the onus on pro-Kremlin militants holding buildings in the east, while Moscow said the responsibility fell to pro-Western nationalists camping out in Kiev.
Putting the onus on the state government to restore law and order in their respective states, Dr.
The onus will again be on the PM then to defend him.
General secretary Larry Broderick said: "The onus is now on the Bank to set out in detail - for the benefit of customers as well as staff - the full implications of all aspects of its plans.
The company's ONU devices feature advanced integration to reduce system cost and power.
Onus "If we win this game though it's going to be vital.
In the courts, the onus has been placed on the Aboriginal harvester to prove that regulations infringe on his/her rights.
WHY is it that when something goes wrong or is clearly wrong the onus of responsibility suddenly becomes quite obscure, with MPs, local councillors, executive officers, heads of department, no longer accepting the simple maxim that "If you take the money, you also carry the can"?
Now the onus is on the NSW State Government to implement Garling's recommendations and allocate resources where they are needed.