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This wide range of firm opacity proxy variables creates challenges for empiricists seeking to examine the impact of firm opacity on economic decisions (e.
3, 4, 11, 17, 21 The breakdown of teeth affected by MIH can oc- cur just after eruption in case of significant porosity of the opacity 2, 3.
3,4,11 In our case, the most pronounced CT finding was bilateral alveolar opacity.
In the present study, total 11 cases of corneal opacity (34.
Using TES measurements, Smith (2004) studied the interannual variability of dust opacity between 1999 and 2003.
The authors propose an alternative method based on use of mathematical models of opacity of the exhaust gases in free acceleration mode in a function from a movement rate of fuel feed pedal [13, 14].
For measuring the yellowing index of final MVPs, 200 pm films were applied on Leneta 2A opacity charts in a vacuum table, using a manual film applicator.
Similarly, incorporation of air in a paint film will produce opacity and whiteness.
Opacity and smoke density arc displayed on an LCD in real time with peak values that can be reset by the user.
The white film coating opacity is typically derived from the use of titanium dioxide because titanium dioxide, in its powdered form, provides the whitest and most highly opaque film with high refractive indices of greater than 2.
Opacity, [kappa], refers to the ability of a material to absorb incoming radiation.
Colibri uses a multi-flux algorithm to match colour and opacity at the same time, which the company says improves over the older mathematics employed in other systems.