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To disentangle whether short sellers are trading on private information or short sellers are unusually sophisticated in predicting downgrades, we condition our tests on the opaqueness of the insurer's assets and liabilities.
Mimicking some of its industry peers in opaqueness, Journal this quarter launched a new set of categories it will report (of course, with less information than before); gone are details on classified categories, for example.
The opaqueness of the cloud still means just that: "I don't know how it works, but it's not my problem.
At first blush, in view of the fact that the entire peace negotiations have been conducted and finessed in Malaysia with opaqueness and secrecy, and with negotiators that leave much to be desired, the whole process, minutes, and transcripts need to be reviewed with a fine-toothed comb, openly debated, subjected to a plebiscite, and made more inclusive.
The opaqueness of the deal is perhaps one reason why the stock markets reacted negatively and Maruti's share price tanked 8% on Tuesday.
But real progress requires a cultural shift in the sector away from opaqueness and punishing inert behaviour in favour of transparency and rewarding loyalty.
Ciphers is a smart, provocative thriller about spies, double agents and the opaqueness of the human soul.
The opaqueness of the export approval process discourages would-be exporters from applying for licences.
We've talked a lot about "transparency" in these pages, but there's the issue of its opposite as well: opaqueness.
There is a lot of opaqueness around these schemes, nobody knows what to do, and that's a huge deterrent for us," says Sairee Chahal, Co-founder of Fleximoms, a company promoting flexible work solutions for women.
My wife's disease, a very personal disease, is still shrouded in an opaqueness of uncertainty.
The success of nuclear deterrence ironically reinforced this trend toward opaqueness.