open act

See: overt act
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Her unconsciousness of the evil which lives in the secret thoughts and therefore in the open acts of mankind, whenever it happens that evil thought meets evil courage; her unconsciousness was to be broken into with profane violence with desecrating circumstances, like a temple violated by a mad, vengeful impiety.
The OPEN ACT would build on the success of the Orphan Drug Act to provide incentives to increase market potential for companies that repurpose previously approved drugs for the treatment of rare diseases.
Online infringement is a serious issue, and the OPEN Act provides a smart, targeted way to go after infringers.
The process put forth in the OPEN Act is simple and straightforward: it tasks the International Trade Commission (ITC) with the prosecution of violations of U.
It is time for Congress to concentrate on reasonable solutions, and move forward with the OPEN Act as an effective anti-piracy approach that does not cause collateral damage to innovation.
The contract organ is assigning a contract for a public tender with an open act which finishes with an electronic auction, as a final stage of the open act, according the article n.
The OPEN Act is a smart, targeted approach to the very real problem of foreign 'rogue' websites," said CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro.
The OPEN Act empowers the International Trade Commission (ITC) to issue "cease and desist" orders against websites found to be dedicated to infringement.
There is no reason for the content industry not to support the OPEN Act.
The OPEN Act shows that bipartisan leadership is possible when something as important as America s energy future is concerned.
This is especially true in the overly long ``Wake Up World'' and ``Movin' Along,'' production numbers that open Acts 1 and 2, respectively.