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Although appropriate antimicrobial drugs were used, our data suggest that more aggressive treatment with open drainage of the pleural effusion might have contributed to a better outcome than closed tube thoracostomy or simple thoracocentesis alone.
Open drainage ditches are filled with pungent excrement and garbage.
Permeable pavements are composed of interlocking concrete paving blocks separated by holes -- open drainage cells between otherwise solid paver stones -- that are filled with soil and gravel.
ECC will also be responsible for significant environmental improvements to increase drainage containment, improve fish habitat, and open drainage systems to fish passage.
Tenders are invited for Repair To Open Drainage And Erosion Parapets Masonry And Fencing Wk Etc At Certain Places Under Ge I Lansdowne
A woman and a girl fell down into the open drainage carrying chemical waste of the sugar mill where they worked.
Subsequently, exploratory retroperitoneum open drainage was performed for the abscess on the iliopsoas muscle.