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As per the rate list issued by the DCO office, the price of 20 kg bag of wheat flour in the open market has been fixed at RS 770/-, while under the special Ramazan package 10 kg green bag of wheat flour in Ramazan bazaars will be sold at RS 310/- A 20 kg orange wheat flour bag in the open market under Ramazan package will be sold at RS 660/- The retail price of ghee in the open market will RS 3 per kg more than its price in the whole sale market.
Prices of gram pulse in Ramazan bazaar will be 60/kg, in open market Rs 65/kg, Masoor in Ramazan bazaar Rs 95/kg, in open market Rs 100/kg, Mash Ramazan bazaar Rs 105/kg, in open market Rs 110/kg, Moong in Ramazan bazaar Rs 125/kg, in open market Rs 130/kg.
His most recent boss, Bill McDonough, who just stepped down as New York Fed President, adds, "If the Fed moves to a nontraditional policy, the open market desk couldn't be in better hands.
The documents are (1) the "Industrial Production and Capacity Utilization" statistical release, (2) the "Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee," (3) the "Testimony of Federal Reserve Officials," (4) the quarterly report "Treasury and Federal Reserve Foreign Exchange Operations," and (5) the annual report "Domestic Open Market Operations.
In an emissions trading program, companies that emit less than their assigned limits, or caps, of a pollutant can sell residual allowances on the open market or bank them for future transactions.
Teaming with leading ISVs such as Open Market helps provide the best-in- class content management and delivery capability to our Portal Server customers," said Wes Wasson, iPlanet vice president of product marketing.
Open Market says its Transact, LiveCommerce and ShopSite e-commerce products already have the hooks needed to integrate with IPS.
Similarly, Rs 220 per kg was fixed for Cow meat while its being sold in open market at Rs 300 per kg.
Boehne, McTeer, Moskow, and Stern, Alternate Members of the Federal Open Market Committee
He said that the abrupt rise in prices in the open market affect the prices at USC but the new price-determining mechanism will ensure that this increase will not have any adverse effect on the prices at USC.