open to attack

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Hugh, deeming it possible that Barnaby was in the hands of the soldiers, and at that moment under detention at The Boot, was for advancing stealthily, and firing the house; but his companions, who objected to such rash measures unless they had a crowd at their backs, represented that if Barnaby were taken he had assuredly been removed to a stronger prison; they would never have dreamed of keeping him all night in a place so weak and open to attack.
Noel Vanstone was invulnerable on the very point which had presented itself in his father as open to attack.
They depend on life, which, in this connection, is a historical fact surrounded by all sorts of restraints and considerations, a complex organised fact open to attack at every point; whereas I depend on death, which knows no restraint and cannot be attacked.
Should one server be compromised, all the other ones could be open to attack because they would all have similar hardware.
That speed is provided by Lancelot Du Lac and Eastern Impact but they could leave themselves open to attack in the closing stages.
However, one of the main fears I have is the idea of leaving the UK without a nuclear deterrent by getting rid of the Trident submarines, without which we would be open to attack from any despot in the future.
The report comes after a year of high-profile cyber attacks and viruses that left millions of websites open to attack and led to the hacking of high-profile sites.
A zero-day vulnerability is a previously unknown threat that does not yet have a patch or update available from the vendor to close a security hole, thus leaving it open to attack.
A spokesperson has confirmed that while internal systems where not compromised, the email accounts of some MEPs and their staff were left open to attack.
The course is open to attack by the bombers - Ross Fisher and Anthony Kim made the final in 2009 - and powerful, aggressive sorts who have arrived relatively fresh (the finalists will have to play six matches) should be followed Key attribute Power
Also, the end to the early release scheme for political reasons - Labour not wanting to be open to attack from the Tories in the run up to the general election - can only risk further increasing the prison population.
And police warned Hoops fans who stray from "safe" areas may be open to attack.