open to error

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Even with the billions we've spent preparing our health systems for this sort of scenario, we're still so open to error.
It is concluded by certain critics that several electronic systems are flawed and leave "elections open to error and fraud".
Unfortunately, such paper-based, manual approaches are slow, costly and open to error and fraud.
Our previous system involved considerable time consuming manual selection, was open to error and very inconsistent," he adds.
Staff no longer have to manually enter data into complex spreadsheets, which can be difficult and open to error.
But opponents of the scheme - which could be rolled out regionwide if a pilot in Northumberland is successful - say it is open to error and abuse.
Opponents of the scheme which is being piloted at Swarland, near Alnwick, say it is open to error and abuse.
Without automation, expense management is time consuming and open to error," said Kirk Botula, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Confluence.
Keith contended, "Any time a patient must rely on human interpretation of imaging data the door is open to error.
In addition to being slow and leaving the transition open to errors, these steps pull operators' focus from other important tasks within a shop.
In the past, we were open to errors where information could have been deleted.
Trouble is, it's a high-risk strategy that leaves them open to errors.