open to view

References in classic literature ?
If now and then intervals of felicity open to view, we behold them with a mixture of regret, arising from the reflection that the pleasing scenes before us are soon to be overwhelmed by the tempestuous waves of sedition and party rage.
The spices of different kinds did not seem to have been bought by the pound but by the quarter, and all lay open to view in a great chest.
The gardens open to view will also include the grounds of Skelton Castle and there will be a variety of interesting gardens, some being terraced with outstanding views, while others are level with colourful borders and wildlife areas.
These could be saved by showcasing the history that they were used for and open to view in the same way as the Black Gate has been.
The Archives will be open to view a selection of manuscripts dating back to the 12th century.
Fortunately, it will be for only two days to allow a false ceiling to be brought down and the magnificent coving will be, with any luck, open to view.
The development is open to view every Sunday from 11am-3pm.
Participating properties are open to view between 11am and 4pm and buyers who are registered can just turn up as and when they wish to look around with no pressure.
2 : open to view : visible <On a clear night many stars are apparent.
during which the new studio will be open to view and all Esteem packages will be discounted 20 percent.
The agents, onbehalf of the project developer Langtree are holding an open day tomorrow when the units will be open to view from 12 noon until 6pm
OPEN TO VIEW Joan Sherborn, sales manager at the new development.