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WOUND, med. jur. This term, in legal medicine, comprehends all lesions of the body, and in this it differs from the meaning of the word when used in surgery. The latter only refers to a solution of continuity, while the former comprises not only these, but also every other kind of accident, such as bruises, contusions, fractures, dislocations, and the like. Cooper's Surgical Dict. h.t.; Dunglison's Med. Dict. h.t.; vide Dictionnaire des Sciences Medicales, mot Blessures 3 Fodere, Med. Leg. Sec. 687-811.
     2. Under the statute 9 Geo. IV. c. 21, sect. 12, it has been held in England, that to make a wound, in criminal cases, there must be "an injury to the person by which the skin is broken." 6 C. & P. 684; S. C. 19 Eng. C. L. Rep. 526. Vide Beck's Med. Jur. c. 15; Ryan's Med. Jur. Index, h.t.; Roscoe's Cr. Ev. 652; 19 Eng. Com. L. Rep. 425, 430, 526, 529; Dane's Ab. Index, h.t.; 1 Moody's Cr. Cas. 278; 4 C. & P. 381; S. C. 19 E. C. L. R. 430; 4 C. & P. 446; S. C. 19 E. C. L. R. 466; 1 Moody's Cr. C. 318; 4 C. & P. 558; S. C. 19 E. C. L. R. 526; Carr. Cr. L. 239; Guy, Med. Jur. ch. 9, p. 446; Merl. Repert. mot Blessure.
     3. When a person is found dead from wounds, it is proper to inquire whether they are the result of suicide, accident, or homicide. In making the examination, the greatest attention should be bestowed on all the circumstances. On this subject some general directions have been given under the article Death. The reader is referred to 2 Beck's Med. Jur. 68 to 93. As to, wounds on the living body, see Id. 188.

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As a diabetic patient, this meant working on controlling his blood sugar level through diet and teaching him to be aware of any open wounds developing so that they could be treated immediately.
An HIV positive patient suffering from an open wound, is potentially hazardous because of the high risk of transmission of the virus (blood-borne exposure), being a risk to the hotel staff and its residents.
The pathogen primarily infects people who consume contaminated seafood, especially raw oysters, or those with open wounds that get exposed to contaminated sea water.
A three year old ram was presented with a history of open wound above the anus.
Emmanuel David, aged 11, lives in Soroti, Uganda, and has lived most of his life with an open wound on his head after being badly burnt when he was just three months old.
Leg ulcers are most commonly caused by high blood pressure in the veins which damages the skin, causing it to break down and develop into an open wound.
Leg ulcers are generally caused by high blood pressure in the veins of the legs, which damages the skin, causing it to break down and turn into an open wound.
NNA - 15/2/2012 - Sport and Youths Minister Feisal Karami called on the legitimate security forces to end the strife in the city of Tripoli and close the open wound.
The swelling has pretty much gone down, but there is still an open wound and it's heavily bandaged.
For the simple open wound, there are numerous advertised closure products on the market.
When she returned home she had a huge open wound on her back.
His tail has not been docked properly and the large open wound on his neck was a deliberate act of cruelty.