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Certain statements made in this press release, such as those related to the conversion to an open-end fund, are forward-looking statements.
KSE Meezan Index Fund (KMIF) is Pakistan's first Sharia'h compliant open-end index tracker Fund.
They provide open-end disclosures for open-end subaccounts and closed-end disclosures for closed-end subaccounts.
Zoukis argued that the open-end fund model is inherently ill suited for real estate investments, whose returns typically can be realized only after a hold period of at least a few years.
Unlike open-end funds, closed-ends don't issue and redeem shares on a continuous basis.
To distinguish between open-end and closed-end subaccounts for disclosure purposes, the board looked at whether a credit union underwrites the advance.
One critical difference between these balers is that the two-ram typically produces uniform-sized bales while open-end balers produce bale lengths that can vary depending on the material type and the feed charge.
Perhaps a better testimonial to investment opportunities is Morningstar's list of open-end mutual funds that have added South African companies to their holdings since December.
open-end mutual funds, partially offset by $56 million
The decrease was due to market depreciation of $494 million, institutional net outflows of $323 million, and open-end mutual fund net inflows of $54 million[sup.
BOSTON -- Putnam California Investment Grade Municipal Trust (AMEX: PCA) and Putnam New York Investment Grade Municipal Trust (AMEX: PMN) (together, the "Funds") announced today that their Boards of Trustees have approved in principle plans to merge each Fund into an open-end fund also managed by Putnam Investments, the Fund's manager ("Putnam").