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Then each group was asked how valid they thought the test was as a measure of open-mindedness.
Pearson correlation test shows remarkable results, there is a meaningful direct relationship between all personality types except open-mindedness.
As we begin with William Hare's article entitled "Helping Open-mindedness Flourish," we are introduced immediately to the enormity and relevancy of an old if not ancient and contemporary intellectual virtue.
Open-mindedness appears to be a cognitive disposition: an open-minded person is disposed to gain, lose, and revise beliefs in a particular, reasonable way.
On the February 20 demonstrations, El Fassi said the government responded spontaneously to the will of the organisers, noting that the public authorities and the various social and political forces, including those who did not take part in the demonstrations, showed a spirit of open-mindedness.
government and were people who have demonstrated open-mindedness and a desire for social justice.
How sad that those making such important decisions have neither the inclination nor the open-mindedness even to visit Treganna to see the situation.
If you tap into the expertise of others through delegation, you can then link open-mindedness with facilitating the development of others.
We believe the complexity and interdependency of today's issues and the speed with which change must be affected will require a new form of collaboration in the food market, with a greater degree of open-mindedness and creativity than at any point in the past," it said.
Bethlehem / PNN - Hussein is a 40 year old Palestinian with the same leanings as many in the West Bank -- nationalist where it counts, leftist in his open-mindedness and with Islamic tendencies in his sense of tradition.
That open-mindedness resulted in a lone contemporary room conjured by ASID designer Jeff Hart of Robb & Stucky.
One of the more worrying results, to me, in the living rooms and lounge bars of 2008, is how loud opinions are prized, and open-mindedness is looked at as spinelessness.