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These women, capable of the most sublime emotions, of the tenderest sympathies, were open-mouthed and screaming.
She had begun to tell of the accident; and in a moment Nancy, open-mouthed, was listening.
Grewgious saw a ghastly figure rise, open-mouthed, from the easy-chair, and lift its outspread hands towards its head.
Let us go," I at last said, hoarsely, as Raffles finished speaking in Italian, and his second listener stood open-mouthed.
His visitor regarded him steadily for a moment, open-mouthed, obviously taken aback.
He forgot his messages; he was easily diverted from the straight path of duty by the attractions of stray cats and dogs, which he followed down narrow alleys into unsavoury courts; by the comedies of the streets, which he contemplated open-mouthed, to the detriment of his employer's interests; or by the dramas of fallen horses, whose pathos and violence induced him sometimes to shriek pierceingly in a crowd, which disliked to be disturbed by sounds of distress in its quiet enjoyment of the national spectacle.
He waited open-mouthed, breathless, while I looked at him for half a minute.
A hard blow hit the side of the ship: water fell above with a stunning shock, and in the forefront of the gloom, where the air was reddish and thick, Jukes saw a head bang the deck violently, two thick calves waving on high, muscular arms twined round a naked body, a yellow-face, open-mouthed and with a set wild stare, look up and slide away.
They had passed; and in another minute they would have been running open-mouthed with the deer in view, had not the younger dog suddenly bounded from the course, and uttered a cry of surprise.
People's mirthful expressions, sometimes paired with laughter, evolved from a simpler link between open-mouthed expressions and laughter in ape ancestors of humans and chimps, Davila-Ross' team proposes.
I seem to spend a lot of time as a motorist either taking evasive action or watching open-mouthed as yet another cyclist takes their life in their hands.
London, August 21 ( ANI ): Kim Kardashian treated her fans to another hot holiday snap, showing off her famous figure in a demure swimsuit with a sexy open-mouthed pout while frolicking on the sand beside a huge rock.